What to know about roof cleaning

oupouaout roof cleaning vancouver bcRoof cleaning is process that is done so as to remove dirt such as moss and algae, this is done mainly to extend the duration of the roofing, roof dirt build up from the those parts of the roofs that have been shaded and this reduces the life of the roofing and also it reduces the quality of the house in terms of value and the physical appearance. Clean your gutters too! There are a number of ways that are used to remove these dirt and there are some considerations that one should make before using any of these methods such as; the effect the method has on the environment, is it eco-friendly and such. Get a professional roof cleaning from The Home Pros in Vancouver.

You have to mind about the effect that the method you are using will have on the landscaping around your house

There are a number of methods that you should consider whereby they cannot damage your roof or leave marks in the tiles, also you should use chemical free methods. Unlike high pressure cleaning methods a stiff brush and a rubber scrapper can be used this method reduces the flood risk and the damage on the tiles.

If you must use chemicals to clean your roof then you should use gentle chemicals that have no bleaching effect.

The roof cleaning chemicals helps in preventing the growth of the mosses and lichens for a very long time hence giving your roof a longer lifespan. After the chemical treatment the moss should not grow for a period of about 3 years so as to experience little growth, more so while scrubbing the roof, you have to ensure that the mosses and lichens do not block the gutters, you will have to wash it thoroughly so as to ensure that they are perfectly clean and in the same case your roof will be in good condition.

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