St Lucia Houses and the Property Market

caribbean private villaSt Lucia is a peaceful tropical island in the Eastern Caribbean, and became an independent state of the Commonwealth of Nations more recently than some Caribbean islands in 1979. It still recognises Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State.

St.Lucia’s rich culture makes staying in a private home here unbelievable.

Tourism plays a large part in St. Lucia’s economy. St Lucia is a popular tourist destination because of its wonderful tropical weather, unspoilt scenery including tropical rainforests, and a wide range of stunning beaches and resorts to choose from. St Lucia is a volcanic island and is more mountainous than other islands in the Caribbean, so inland it has some breathtaking mountainous views and locations.

Although the St Lucia property market has performed well, recently, because of the world economic downturn, property is selling at a slower pace than in recent years. That isn’t to say that St Lucia property prices have necessary fallen across the board, because the value for some properties for sale in St Lucia has actually risen, depending upon the location of St Lucia property on the island.

See the world in style, rent a Caribbean property instead of own

Because of the political and economic stability of St Lucia, it is well worth considering buying St Lucia property. The island has a relatively low crime rate and this helps to draw in tourists and visitors alike. Another attractive reason to consider buying here is that St Lucia homes are relatively cheaper than other Caribbean islands such as Barbados, around 40-60% less than Barbados, which means that overseas buyers can purchase St Lucia property as a good value investment. It is also forecast that St Lucia property will increase in value because of the stability of the island, which is good news for investors who are investing for the long-term.

The Government is also giving tax incentives to residents who are returning to buy St. Lucia property, so considering returning to the island and buying a St Lucia property is worth considering sooner rather than later. The island is also accessible with many flights to destinations around the world. Investors considering buying St Lucia houses and apartments will definitely gain a return on investment and healthy rental income here due to its popularity. Book accommodations here:

St Lucia property prices are higher depending on the location, view and amenity. St Lucia villas on the beach, hilltop houses with stunning views and marina properties are at the luxury high end of the St Lucia property market with buyers willing to pay more. Investors who rent these sorts of St Lucia property may also maximise their income from rentals in the luxury tourist market, with some significant returns. Other St Lucia properties and developments include a range of leisure facilities such as golf and casinos to attract more tourists and make St Lucia a prime tourist hotspot to compete with other Caribbean islands.

There is also a wide selection of private St Lucia properties which come in the form of new residential developments with swimming pools.

There are an eclectic mix of St Lucia properties such as condominiums and huge St Lucia houses and villas, built in a mixture of architectural styles including French Colonial styles to suit every taste and requirement.

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